A solid administrative framework offers insight and peace of mind.
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A solid administrative framework offers insight and peace of mind.

Being a trustee of a charity is more and more a matter of complying with ever mounting rules and regulations. You are expected to report along certain criteria, have process flows and descriptions in place and carry a joint responsibility with your fellow trustees for compliance with all legal requirements.

Public trust in a charity starts with confidence in the underlying administrative organization. We structure all in and outgoing money flows, be they grants, donations or invoices. The outcome is available 24/7 through My Orchestra, your secure and bespoke online platform. This exclusive platform offers an easy to comprehend state of financial affairs. This way, you can make the right decisions, authorize invoices or outgoing payments that we then process on your behalf.

  • We build a one platform-suits-all environment for trustees, their employees and advisors, with integral financial reporting and all underlying documents

  • We process all authorizations for invoices and payments to ensure the foundation can continue its work, regardless of your whereabouts in the world

  • We install and configure bespoke grant administration tools, as well as CRM modules for the organization’s employees

  • My Orchestra’ enables you to store and access documents and other information in a secure environment, tailored to your organization’s needs and requirements